Frequently Asked Questions

[q] Do people actually make money working from home?

[a] This is an easy one to answer: absolutely. Just as there are hundreds of types of jobs where you have to drag yourself out of bed, drive/walk/bus/train to an office, go to your counter/desk/cubicle/register, and pretend to give your all just to earn a lousy paycheck – there are just as many ways, if not more, to work from home! Some people work for other companies remotely, and others start their own businesses from home. Our goal is to show you those ways and help answer the age old question: “How can I make money?”

[q] I don’t know that much about computers. Can I still work from home?

[a] Of course! Some work from home jobs don’t require computers at all, but most that do only require you to know how to turn it on, get to the internet, and type! If you’re made it here, you’ve already conquered that much!

[q] Do I have to pay taxes on what I make at home?

[a] Here at New Home Business Solutions, we don’t give tax advice… so our official answer is to check with your local CPA. The abbreviated answer is, most likely, yes.